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Tips For a Great Lawn

Welcome to Green Grass Mower, where we understand what is important and here we will give you tips for a great lawn! If you’re new to yard care, then you may be looking for some tips for a great lawn. While taking care of your new grass may seem daunting, it is easier than you think with proper maintenance. Below we go over several ways to make your yard look like you want it too.

Landscaping Ideas

Step One Choose Your Grass

To even have a lawn in the first place, you need to have grass. Depending on the type of house you are moving into, you may already have grass, or you may need to start your lawn anew. If you don’t know what type of grass you have, do some research. There are plenty of botanical books and websites that will help you identify the species in your yard, If you are not sure to a sample with you when shopping at a lawn care store.

If you don’t have any grass, then you are going to need to buy seeds. Some grass types will be harder to manage than others, and you should balance the look you want with a grass type that will fit into your schedule. If you get a hard to cut type like Bermuda Grass, then yard care will be harder for you. Make sure to fertilize the soil before planting your seeds and add in some growth formula to help your lawn get started.

Step Two Hydrate Your Grass

Depending on where you live, you may have enough rainfall to take care of your yard most of the time. For many people, though, that isn’t the case, especially in the hot summer months like August. If you have a yard, you should consider watering it daily. Watering your lawn can be done with a water hose. If you want to save some time, you can install a sprinkler system.

If it’s been raining for days on end, though, you may want to skip watering your lawn for a few days. Even if the grass itself isn’t wet, the soil may still be soaked. To determine if your grass needs watering touch the soil with your hands, does it feel damp and mushy or is it dry and brittle. Much like any other plant, not watering your grass enough or even watering it too much can cause it to turn yellow.

Step Three Trim Your Grass

If you’re looking for tips for a great lawn, then this is the most important thing you need to get a lawnmower. Whether you choose to get a cheap reel lawnmower or you go all out with one of the best riding mowers, you need to trim your lawn. In wet seasons your grass can grow quite fast; tall grass can attract pests and just look horrible to your neighbors. By cutting it, you ensure that your lawn doesn’t turn into a safari zone.

It’s hard to judge how much you should mow as every climate is different. Most people mow a minimum of every two weeks unless it has been so dry the grass hasn’t grown. If you notice that your grass is barely growing, then you should hold off on cutting it as it can cause your lawn injury. Never cut your grass shorter than 1.5 inches to avoid killing your lawn. Many people make the mistake of trying to trim their grass short to avoid mowing the next week,

Step Four Managing Weeds

Along with not being watered, weeds are the other major cause of lawn damage. These pesky plants can grow just about anywhere and drain the nutrients from the soil around them. Many weeds can cause trouble by killing the grass around it. Some varieties will even grow with thorns or can cause your skin to itch. If you notice that tall plants are starting to pop up in your yard, then you should deal with them.

Many weeds will pop up from animals that have carried the seeds into your yard. Weeds are a type of plant that is designed to spread by clinging to fur and clothes. Even if you’ve never seen a weed before, we promise you that one will show up eventually. There are plenty of products on the market to deal with these pests. You can use both chemical and home weed killers to guarantee that your yard stays beautiful.
Tips For a Great Lawn

Keeping A Beautiful Yard

By using the tips above, you can grow and keep a beautiful yard quite easily. Remember to make a yard care schedule and adjust it according to things like rainfall. By scheduling out your yard work-time, you can easily make sure you are mentally prepared to take proper care of your lawn. If you don’t have time yourself, remember that there are tons of wonderful options like sprinklers to help water your grass.

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