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Snow Joe SJ623E Review

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The market for electric-powered snow blowers has risen in popularity quite a lot recently. This is because many of the newer models are actually viable for getting the job done. In the past electric snow blowers were considered to be a waste of money due to their inability to perform. This was when compared to gas-powered snow blowers.

With the Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Joe hopes to show that the trend is here to stay with another competitive electric snowblower. On its surface, there is plenty to like. However, once you dig a little deeper there are certainly areas for concern.

Still, as an electric powered snow blower, this model probably deserves to be part of the new age. Sadly, you will have to keep reading along to figure out whether this model is perfect for your golden dawn.


Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Blower ReviewWhile this model might be a teensy year bit pricier than some of its other electric-powered competition. It surely makes up for it with extra attention to its design.

The majority of snow blowers you will find make use of plastic quite liberally even down to the impeller. This one does take advantage of plastics’ lighter and more cost-effective abilities. However, the impeller is made of steel setting it above. With an 18-inch width, this model gives you pretty nice coverage while the steel helps to increase its effectiveness.

The weight of this model comes in at just 34 pounds which means that it is relatively easy to turn and maneuver. Though much like many other electric-powered blowers this one also lacks any form of self-propulsion. The handlebars are ergonomically designed to feel comfortable as you put the machine through its paces.

They might not be so comfortable for people standing over 6 feet as they are not adjustable. Nobody wants to be the hunchback a snowblower spawned. This model has a smooth 180-degree remote chute that can be controlled with a single hand.


The capabilities of this model are actually pretty impressive even when compared to some of the top of the line electric-powered snowblowers. It might even stand at the top thanks to its 10-inch steel auger. This makes it much more reliable than the thick plastic that many electric snow blowers use. Though attention was made to make sure that this model was still light so the steel is a bit thin making it ill-advised for gravel.

With the power of its 15 amp motor, this model packs the most power you can find in a United States electric snowblower. This sounds great however, electric snow blowers commonly suffer from the same issue of struggling from overuse.

WARNING! After using the blower for a while, you might feel the machine start to lower its effectiveness. When this happens, it’s recommended to slow down your snow blowing and let your machine recover. Much like many other electric blowers even though it is capable of running longer. Taking breaks helps to stick to 20 to 30 minutes at a time.


Snow Joe SJ623EMany electric-powered snow blowers make use of a battery but this one uses an engine that has its own benefits. You won’t need to worry about any gas canisters or spark plugs. The easy starter also makes things simple at the touch of a button. The electric power also contributes to a much quieter run than most gas-powered snow blowers. Instead of using a battery, this snow blower will require a power cable that is rated for 15 amps. This is not included so you will have to find your own with Snow Joe recommending a length of fewer than 100 feet.

Effectively this machine is meant for smaller driveways. The power of this model is relatively impressive with the ability to spit out up to 720 pounds of snow per minute. Its steel auger and build let you expect this model to work effectively with up to 8 inches of snow. This is a pretty strong combination. For heavier snow, this model is probably better suited for around 4 inches though some have been able to work with up to a foot deep. You will want to pay extra attention to when this model starts to slow down and change your pace in response.

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Snow Joe SJ623E Review Summary

The market for electric-powered snow blowers is certainly here to stay if this Snow Joe model has anything to say about it. The attention to detail is really nice to see with the metal where it needs to be. There is also a 20-Watt halogen headlight which gives it another step up on the common LED lights of the competition.

With the need for the extension cord being the one thing that holds it back. This model is quite impressive. While the price is a bit high for some electric powered snow blowers the value is certainly there.

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