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Lawn Games for Kids

Here at Green Grass Mower, we know that you not only want a nice yard for show but for your family as well. If you have little ones, then you are probably looking for a way to get them outside. To help you convince your kids to go play outside, we’ve compiled a list of fun lawn games. These lawn games for kids are sure to entice your children to get up off the couch. Keep reading below to see these great games and how to play them.


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Slip-n-slide is a classic game that has been marketed to kids for years. It can be a great source of fun for your whole family and help your kids cool down. The game is especially great on well-trimmed yards as the grass won’t be too high. There are two main ways to have a slip-n-slide. You can either go to your local store during the summer and buy one, or you can make your own from very simple materials. Of course, making your own is the cheapest route out of the two.
To make your own slip-n-slide simply get a tarp, smooth it out, and use the water hose to make a pathway. If you want to add even more fun to the mix, you can use some child-safe bubbles. The child to make it to the end of the tarp is the winner! While they will be a bit messy when they finally come in, they will enjoy the memories for years to come. (Check price on Amazon for Slip-n-Slide “TEAM MAGNUS Water Slide”)

Ring Toss

Ring toss is a simple game that even young children can understand. To play, you simply need to buy a kit or find some rings that are easy to throw. For children, you are going to make the game tailored to their experience level. Put the spike in the ground that is close enough for them to hit with the rings. The rules can be explained in a matter of minutes, and the child with the most points will win.

You should also look for rings that are larger and can fit around the pole more easily. Let your child have a few throws to test out the distance. If it’s too easy, then you can move it farther away, or if it’s too hard, you can move it closer. There are even several models of the game that don’t make you put the pole in the ground. This is especially nice since it can easily damage your yard. They can play even in wintertime, especially if your lawn was prepared for winter.

ring toss

Giant Tic Tac Toe

This is another simple game that even children of a young age can play. To start, you will need to make a board for them to place their pieces on. You can once again find playsets in-store or online or make your own. To make a board, simply pick up some sticks and arrange them large enough to fit X’s and O’s in. Next, decide what you’re going to use for each child’s markers.

While you can easily make X’s from sticks making O’s is a bit harder. We recommend getting some foam from the dollar store and cutting out the pieces yourself. This will give you storable game parts that don’t cost you a ton of money. Once you have your board set up, delegate each child a letter and let them play. The first child to win three times in a row wins the game!

Kick Ball

Lawn Games For KidsIf you’re having a party or large group of kids over, then playing kickball is perfect. There are several kits you can get with easy to move bases. These bases won’t injure your lawn and can be brought inside as soon as the games are finished. You can also use common objects to use as markers if you don’t want to pay for the kit. Just remember that you will have to buy a sturdy ball that won’t be too easy to send flying.

Kickball is a basic game that operates much like Baseball. A player kicks the ball as hard as they can and then tries to run around the basis. The players on the opposite team will run to the ball and try to kick back to the base. If the ball touches the player before while they are still moving, then they are out. If the player makes it all the way around, though, their team scores a point.

Bonus Game: Lawn Bowling

If you’re looking for something really wacky, then try the giant lawn bowling kit. This kit will allow you to recreate all of the fun of bowling in your own yard. Simply set up the pins, and give your kids the bowling ball. If they need a little more help, you can even make lanes to keep the ball going straight. This is a great and easy to understand game for kids of all ages.

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