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Lawn Care Tips for Before Winter

Welcome to Green Grass Mower, where we know that your lawn needs proper care year-round. Whether you like it or not, winter is coming, and you need to prepare your lawn for it. By properly preparing your lawn, you can help your grass survive through the harsh winter months. As we all know, cold weather can be especially bad for plants; many people may even find themselves having to grow a new lawn. Below we have listed the tips you need to know to ensure that your lawn makes it through the winter safely.

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Tip One: Don’t Keep Mowing It

The first sign you need to back off on your weekly mowing routine is when your grass stops growing. As the colder months approach plants prepare to go into hibernation, at this point, they’re not as worried about growing. Instead, you will notice that your lawn height starts to stagnate, if you mow it at this point, there is a high chance you may damage your lawn in the process (Always try to use the mower that best suit your lawn. Our mower buying guide and snow blower buying guide can help you make right choices.) Make sure to keep your lawn mowed regularly, so when it starts to stagnate, your grass will be at a low height. A low dip in temperature may also be a sign to stop mowing, as some years will get colder faster than others.

You should also look out for yellow patches. Many types of grass will lose their green pigment when the colder months start rolling around. This is a natural part of the hibernation process. If your lawn has started to turn yellow, then you should stop mowing it. At this point, you should move on to other parts of winter preparation to help your grass through the cold days ahead.

Tip Two: Clean Up Your Yard

Lawn Care Tips For Before WinterAs the colder months, approach trees will shed their leaves, and those leaves will cover your yard. You should make time to rake up and dispose of all the leaves that have decided to decorate your lawn. These leaves will do nothing more than block what little sunlight and warmth that the sun has to offer from your lawn. Whether you use a leaf blower or a rake, make sure to remove as many leaves as possible from your yard.

You will also want to keep sticks and heavy lawn ornaments out of your yard. Grass becomes more delicate during the winter months and can’t handle much weight. This is why you see so many dead spots form in places where pots are left lying or cars are parked. You should also avoid having parties or other festivities on the lawn during this point of the year.

Tip Three: Make Sure to Fertilize Your Lawn

One of the best things you can do to help your grass stay healthy is to purchase some fertilizer. By fertilizing your yard right before winter hits, you are providing the extra nutrition that your grass needs to survive while it hibernates. Not only does fertilizing a yard help it survive, but when spring hits, you may notice greener grass. You should also take care to pluck any pesky weeds during this time so that they don’t steal the nutrients.

If you want to do a little extra, then keep fertilizing your yard through the winter. The rain and snow will eventually wash away the nutrients you put in at the beginning of fall. By adding them back in your giving your yard a much-needed boost.

Tip Four: Do Regular Checks

Branches don’t stop falling just because the weather turned cold. You should do weekly checks to make sure there is nothing extra laying in your yard. Sticks are commonly left to pile up in yards during cold weather, and excess leaves won’t be raked past the first snow. You will also need to keep an eye out for downed trees that are common during heavy snow.

If you have a tree fall after heavy snow, then make sure to clean it up as quickly as possible. By making sure to remove these obstacles from your yard, you can ensure that all the work you did in step two doesn’t go to waste. We also recommend making a path through the snow that avoids your yard. This can help deter people from walking through the same stretch of grass.

Winter Time Lawn Care Tips

With all of this done, your yard will be ready to make it through the winter and into next spring. While there is less to do outside in winter, make sure to keep a close watch on your lawn. By providing simple maintenance throughout the year, you can ensure healthy grass. If you plan to buy fertilizer, you may even find it cheaper in the winter. This is a great time to stock up on a supply that can make your yard much healthier.

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