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How To Properly Mow a Lawn

Welcome to Green Grass Mower, where we are here to help with all your lawn care needs. If you have just finished growing your new lawn or your grass keeps dying, it may be your mowing. There are tons of dos and don’ts when it comes to this seemingly simple task. Even if you’ve never used a mower before, you can take it slow and steady to create a beautiful lawn. Below we are going over how to mow your lawn properly.


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Watch The Height Settings

One of the biggest problems that many lawns can encounter is being mown on a low height setting. Most mowers will come with a lever or knob that allows you to adjust the blades. By moving the blades up or down, you can get a close cut. Close cuts, however, aren’t always a good thing as they can be incredibly damaging to your lawn. While some mowers do go lower, the lowest height you should use is 1.5 inches.

Even in this setting, your grass can become damaged. Every different species of grass has a different height that it can be cut to. Some will only let you cut them slightly below two inches while others are hardy enough to cut down to the 1.5-inch standard. Before you mow your lawn, you should always find out what type of grass you have to avoid damage.

If you do happen to cut your grass too low, you could end up with a dead patch or yard. You may even find that the grass you mowed has stunted growth and dies off slowly over time. It’s important to be careful and double-check your blade setting each time you mow.

Don’t mow in a drought

Don't mow in a drought

If your grass isn’t too high and there hasn’t been much rain, then you should avoid trying to mow it. When there is less rain, your lawn is likely to stop growing in order to conserve resources. If you choose to mow during this time, you may find that it’s harder on your grass. This can be rectified if you choose to water the grass with a hose or even install sprinklers.

While this is less likely in some climates than others, even cool weather without rainfall can be troublesome. Remember that you can always document the growth of your yard. To do this, simply use a ruler every couple of days to see how fast the blade of grass is growing. If you notice they are barely moving, then it may not be the right time to mow.

Make Mowing a Mowing Time Slot

One of the most important parts of ensuring you can properly mow your yard is by making plans in advance. By placing a time slot in your schedule for your care, you won’t feel rushed when you mow. This is important as you can take your time getting the yard perfectly even. Humans, in general, are more likely to make mistakes when they feel rushed. A rushed mow job can easily lead to uneven patches of grass that look unsightly in your yard.

You will also want to be able to take your time if you have objects in your yard. By allowing yourself to mow around trees at a lazier pace, you can get a closer cut. This will save you time on de-weeding in your yard in the future. If you can’t plan in time to mow, then look into hiring a service.

Service Your Mower

If your mower isn’t performing well, then it’s not going to mow your yard properly. To ensure that your riding mower is at peak performance, make sure to due regular tune-ups if applicable. If you use a rotary lawnmower, watch out for rust if you use a mower with an engine, check the mechanical parts. If your mower uses gas, then you should keep track of the gas you’ve already consumed.

You will also need to make sure to clean the blades in between mowing; this makes them less likely to become rusted. If you notice the mower isn’t cutting well, then you may need to replace them. A lawnmower is just like any other machine; if you don’t treat it well, it won’t perform. Even models that are powered by batteries can end up breaking down on you.

Learning How To Mow

If you follow the simple tips above, then you will master the art of mowing in no time. Remember, if you haven’t ever operated a mower that it takes time to get used to the device. Take your mowing slowly to ensure straight lines and make time in your schedule for lawn care. Anyone can learn to mow like a champ, but it does take a bit of practice.

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