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Honda HS720ASA Snow Blower Review

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The world of snowblowers is a competitive market and Honda hopes that their HS720ASA model will suffice. With a 20-inch area and 187 CC motor can it get the job done for you?  They make up for this though with a large selection. This promises easy repairs thanks to more places you can shop in. This particular model matches single-stage snow blowing power with dual chute control.

It has an electric starter for a gas motor that reaches nearly 190CC over 4 cycles. This model also benefits from an electric start so you don’t have to worry about bringing along any extra gas. This compact snow blowing machine is possibly the best single-stage model Honda delivers. With its minimal stature, you can find it reliable for most medium or light snowstorms when dealing with flatter surfaces. With plenty to make it worth a look, just how well does this model stack up against a ton of competition.


Underneath the hood, you will find a four-stroke 190CC gas-powered engine. Manufactured out of the state of North Carolina these engines do well at matching up to the Honda brand. You can find the same level of craftsmanship in the snow blowers’ engines as you can find in their lawnmowers. Despite its electric starter, this snow blower is gas-powered. Making use of unleaded gasoline is one of the simpler gas-powered machines on the market thanks to the lack of a need to mix your oil and gas.

Many gas-powered motors require special attention to maintain. This blower also benefits from a huge recoil cord and fuel cap so you can work on the machine even with your likely equally huge winter gloves. Once the season ends or in between you can also easily access the fuel drain and spark plugs to make sure your snowblower lasts.


Your auger is going to be a major determining factor in how much snow you can pick up at a time. This model has a 9.5-inch steel auger that also includes replaceable rubber paddles. These paddles and the auger together are capable of reliably sucking up smaller snowstorms of eight inches or less. Once you break that mark you are likely in for a bit of a struggle. While you can use it for heavier snow you will certainly start to see issues springing up.

The most notable point is often when trying to deal with large piles of snow that build up at the end of your driveway. The specs just aren’t capable of handling that heavy-duty but this model is still very good when it comes to its surface cleaning. The auger is great for getting close enough to the ground that there isn’t much snow left in its wake. One thing to keep in mind however is even though the paddles are replaceable they also seem to wear down a bit quicker than some other models.

Powerful Stats

Possibly the most impressive thing about this Honda blower is how well it deals with lighter snow. As long as the snow is fresh you can pretty much count on a solid 1,800 pounds per minute of snow being removed. When compared with other single-stage snow blowers this one sits near the top of the pack with those statistics that are actually comparable to two-stage snow blowers. The power is very remarkable for a 20-inch model with only a 12-inch intake height. You can also expect the marketed throwing distance of 33 feet to be pretty reliable as well though once the snow gets heavier you will certainly see a bit of drop off.

Many people have complained in the past about how Honda markets their forward speed auger drive system. The self-propelled nature of it isn’t legitimate at all. Even though the auger will touch the ground to pull the machine forward it still requires a decent amount of force to push. Running at a heavy 93 pounds, heavier snow can certainly be an issue. For this reason alone, this model is preferred for flatter surfaces and can really struggle against a slope. The tires are an average of 7 inches in height along with a width of 1.5 inches. In wetter conditions, these average-sized tires can make the machine more troublesome to operate and likely contributes to the faster-deteriorating rubber paddles.

Chute Control

We also have to take some time to mention these models’ chute controls. On the positive side, this model chute lever is built of metal which helps prevent snow from sticking and is very durable in comparison to the more common plastic shoots. The issues come into play when you need to adjust the chute. While the lever is located conveniently, it’s also extremely stiff. A smoother motion is preferred for chute control so you can easily change angles as you work.

Pro’s and Con’s



Honda HS720ASA Snow Blower Review

Honda HS720ASA Snow Blower Manual


Honda HS720ASA Snow Blower

  • Honda HS720ASA

Honda HS720ASA Snow Blower Review Summary

There isn’t too much to complain about with this model thanks to its solid build quality. Instead of cutting corners, Honda made sure that they used strong materials to make sure the price made sense. Even still the price is a bit high and there are enough issues that you might opt for a different model depending on where you live.

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