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Welcome to Green Grass Mower (Lawnmower buying guides & reviews), where we care about your lawn care needs and help you to save money. Today we are going to be taking a look at home remedies for your yard. You may be wondering if these magic concoctions actually work, or you may be looking for a way to avoid using chemicals. Below we are going to delve into the topic of home remedy lawn care and why you should or shouldn’t consider it over chemical-based products.

Can Home Remedy Lawn Care Actually Work?

The answer is a surprising yes, there are several ways for you to make your own lawn care mixtures. Like any other plant, the grass isn’t going to tolerate certain mixtures. This is true even if they are made out of human safe vinegar. If you’re dealing with moderate lawn care issues, then using a home remedy could work wonders for you. If you have a specialty problem with your lawn, though, you may have to look into stronger products.

Not only are there products you can brew at home to help kill weeds, but there are fertilizers as well. Even some of the strangest items like dish soap can be used to promote grass health and growth. While this all may sound like a child’s science project, you have to remember that almost every product has some sort of chemical make-up. When you combine products together, there will always be some type of reaction, no matter how small.

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Does it Save Money Though?

The best part about home remedies is, of course, the cost. Weed killers may not be so expensive that they break the bank, but over time the costs can add up. By making your own remedies at home, you can help cut your lawn care spending down. The products only cost a few dollars at most. Many people will even find that they already have the supplies lying around their homes.

Home Remedies For Weeds

You are going to be surprised at some of the top home remedies for killing weeds. These simple and cheap items are easy to afford, and even those who are sensitive to strong chemicals will be able to use them. Here is a list of common home remedies for managing weeds in your yard.

Home Remedy Lawn CareVinegar: That’s right; this strong-smelling liquid actually helps to get rid of weeds. A light vinegar can be used during a dry season to tackle smaller weeds. Simply put, the vinegar is a spray bottle and spritz it on the pest. The stronger the type of vinegar, the more effective this remedy will be.

Salt: Salt isn’t good for plants and can keep weeds from growing. If you have an area where you don’t want any plants, then sprinkle some salt on it regularly. The salt will make the soil there poor for plant growth. Many people find that this method is great for walkways that often end up getting overgrown with grass and weeds.

Dish Soap: You likely have some dish soap in your kitchen; if you also have weeds, then mix the soap into a spray bottle of water. Spritz the area where the weeds are growing, and you should start to see them vanish.

Home Remedies For Plant Growth

Just like there are products for getting rid of plants, there are ones that can help it grow. These mixtures are mostly chemical-free and another great way to save money. Below are some clever ways to get your lawn looking greener.

Soda Pop & Beer: This is a strange combination, but when added together, it can help your grass grow. To make this mixture get a diet cola and mix half the can with a can of beer. Next throw in half a cup of dish soap and half a cup of ammonia. Finally, add in half a cup of mouthwash and spritz it on your lawn to start seeing growth.

Tomato Juice: It’s not surprising that fruit waste can help a yard grow. For this recipe, though, you need to mix a can of tomato juice with half a cup of fabric softener. You will also need two-thirds cups of water and half a cup of orange juice. Once it’s mixed,  spread it evenly over your whole yard.

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Should I Use Home Lawn Care Remedies?

We encourage anyone who loves their lawn to try out these remedies. They are especially wonderful if you suffer from allergies to weed killers or have pets in your yard. These remedies are even safe enough for inexperienced children to use under supervision. We do want to remind you that every lawn is different, and the result may vary depending on your lawn type. If you don’t see improvement using remedies, then look into stronger lawn care products.

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